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Introduction to the Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology

Research facilities:

The molecular biology laboratory at Root Biology Center is well equipped with the following technologies and machines: Real-time qPCR Detecting System, Biological Fluorescence Microscope, Protein Nucleic Acid ImageQuant Scanner System, Milli-Q Synthesis System, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, GeneAmp PCR System et al.

Major research focus:

1.Identification and analysis of phosphorus induced
   genes in soybean
     1) Functional analysis of sugar transporter family
     2) Functional analysis of phosphate transporter family
     3) Functional analysis of malate and citrate  
         transporter family
     4) Functional analysis of genes encoding cell wall

2. Functional characterization of WNK (With No
    lysine Kinase) in higher plants
     1) Regulation of root growth and development
     2) Regulation of phosphate signaling
     3) Regulation of cation/anion cotransporter

Main research objectives:

Our group studies focus on the functional   mechanisms of crop root development, morphology and architecture  in adaptation to nutrient deficiency.