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Introduction to the Laboratory of Rhizosphere Microorganisms

Research facilities:

The Laboratory of Rhizosphere Microorganisms at Root Biology Center is well equipped with the following facilities: Sterilize Hood, Stereo Microscope, Mini-fermentor, Microplate Reader, Constant Temperature Shaker, Constant temperature ovens, etc. The facilities are sufficient to isolate and purify beneficial microorganisms from rhizosphere, such as rhizobium bacteria, AM fungi, and pure incubating rhizobium bacteria and AM fungi, etc.

Main research objectives:

To study the interactions among crop, soil and microorganisms in the intensive cultivation systems of acid soils in South China, so as to improve crop nutrient acquisition efficiency through biological approaches.

Major research focus:

Isolation and purification of effective rhizobial strains adapting to low-P and Al-toxicity soils in South China
Isolation and purification of effective AM strains adapting to low-P and Al-toxicity soils in South China
Establish a series of pure incubation systems for rhizobial bacterium strains and AM fungi
Study the interactions among rhizobial strains and micronutrients on the growth and nodulation of soybean and stylo plants.
Root-microbe interactions for nutrient uptake efficiency (e.g. Isolation, purification and field application of acid-tolerant rhizobial strains in soybean)