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Introduction to the Laboratory of Plant Physiology

Research facilities:

The Plant Physiology Laboratory at Root Biology Center is well equipped with the following facilities: paper pouch growth and computer analysis system for 2-D root architecture, 3-D root laser scanning workstation, reconstruction and analysis system for 3-D image of root architecture, microscope image capture and analysis system for plant roots,rhizotron and in situ observation and analysis system for plant roots, computer modeling and simulation system for plant roots, leaf area meter, gas chromatograph  and microtome, gene gun etc.

Main research objectives:

To decipher the functions of microRNAs, nutrient, and phytohormons on root development. To conduct quantitative analysis, 3-D reconstruction and simulation of root morphological and  architectural traits in plants, and studies on physiological mechanisms. To analyze the functions of important nutrient-related soybean genes.

Major research focus

1.Mechanisms of the role of  microRNA, phosphorus, and phytohormones in root growth and development.

   1) study on the mechanisms of microRNA’s modulation on phosphorus nutrition and signaling, and root development in soybean.

   2) The interactions between phosphorus, potassium, and phytohormones in root  development and growth.

 2. Quantitative analysis of root morphological and   architectural changes induced by phosphorus deficiency in plants.

 3. Functional analysis of important phosphorus nutrition-related soybean genes.